Inés Prelovšek
Inés is a fine art photographer based in Costa Rica. 
She uses the art of photography as a tool of Empowerment.
Inés has photographed over 1000 people from around the world, each with their own unique story and character, and she continues to seek out those who are willing to share their most authentic selves with her. Her photography is a reflection of the beauty and diversity that exists within humanity, and she strives to capture it all through her lens.
Photoshoots are a powerful and transformative experience that can help us express ourselves, celebrate our bodies, and document our personal growth. By stepping in front of a camera, we can tap into our creativity, explore new facets of ourselves, and redefine what beauty means to us. 
"Most of us don’t like to have our photographs taken, so we created empowering workshops, where you can confidently face your beauty and playfully learn how to feel comfortable in front and behind the camera. Come and join!" Inés
Fine Art photography retreats offer a range of exciting activities and experiences designed to help individuals explore and celebrate their bodies through the art of photography.
From the tantalizing curves of boudoir to the daring world of kink art, Inés skillfully transforms the human body into a canvas, creating stunning body scapes and fine art nudes that evoke a sense of intimacy and vulnerability. 
Some of the activities offered in the retreats are: nude sketching and photographing live models, figure study, creative photography exercises, posing vs. body language, how to direct photoshoots, self-portraiture and much more.
Additionally, each participant gets a one on one photoshoot experience with Inés, making the retreat a truly unique and personalized experience.