"Most of us don’t like to have our photographs taken, so we created empowering workshops, where you can confidently face your beauty and playfully learn how to feel comfortable in front and behind the camera. Come and join!" Inés
Hosted in different parts of the world, including Berlin, Mexico, and Costa Rica, each K!NK ART workshop is designed to adapt and resonate with the cultural and artistic space it occupies. 
By immersing themselves in these diverse locations, fine art Photographer Ines Prelovsek and conceptual artist Margot Miserachi design workshops that not only foster individual artistic growth but also promote a deeper understanding of the local art scene and its influences.
Why should you come?
The workshops are an invitation to a transformative experience, where you can explore the world of visual arts, embrace your individuality, and connect with diverse cultures.
No photography or drawing skills are required. 
We celebrate your unique perspective and provide a safe, supportive environment for you to let your creativity run wild. 
Join us in creating something extraordinary!
If you would like to get artsy with us and collaborate with us, 
let us know about your art and we will respond as soon as possible. 
Thank you!
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