Photoshoots are a powerful and transformative experience that can help us express ourselves, celebrate our bodies, and document our personal growth. By stepping in front of a camera, we can tap into our creativity, explore new facets of ourselves, and redefine what beauty means to us. The workshops are designed for photographers who want to learn new creative techniques on how to pose and sympathize their models in front of the camera and for everyone who is photography interested. No skills required. 
In Mexico, a country renowned for its colorful traditions and deep-rooted artistic heritage, the K!NK ART workshops celebrate the fusion of culture and conceptual art. 
Margot Miserachi's expertise as a conceptual artist intertwines with Mexico's vibrant cultural tapestry, inspiring participants to explore new perspectives and ignite their imagination.
In K!NK art workshops, participants can expect an introduction to K!NKT ART theory, where kink is explored and explained within the context of art, alongside live nude sketching, creative photography and drawing exercises, posing workshops, intuitive body movement exercises, live music, captivating performances and a variety of other art experiences curated to suit the ambiance of each location.
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